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Re: [ezjail] running cvsup in a jail

Le mercredi 26 à  8:36, Joe a écrit :
> Now what I am asking is there some way to customize the apache22 jail 
> and the basejail so the /usr/ports directory is under the write
> control of the apache22 jail.
> Maybe a clearer way of saying this is. I don't want the /usr/ports
> tree under basejail control but allocated as part of each new jail.
> Can this be done using jail flavour?

I haven't implemented such a scheme, so maybe I'm overlooking
something, but... If each jail should have control of its own ports
tree, then use a flavour. In this flavour, write a csup file that
fetches only the ports you're interested in. I can think of one
possible issue : depending on the way flavours are deployed, it is
possible that you'll need to install this small ports tree in some
other place then /usr/ports/.

Is all jails need to have the same ports tree, then modify /usr/jails/
basejail/usr/ports from the host. If you want one jail to have write
access to this ports tree used by the other jails, then "mount -t null
-w" the ports tree inside this jail (use /etc/fstab.$jail to configure