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Re: [ezjail] updating ezjails

Thank you both, Alexandros & Kelly.
Your answers were most helpful.

Just for clarification;
- FreeBSD is 6.2-RELEASE-p2
- I did upgrade the ports tree in the host system using portsnap
before attempting same process in jail. I will use freebsd-update from
this point forward.

From reading your responses, I understand the process as follows; For
instance, I have three jails.
	host = host system

1. Update the host system ports tree. From the host system
	host# freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install

2. Upgrade the ports tree shared by jails. From the host system
	host# ezjail-admin update -P

These command's to be run from host and from within each running EZJail
3. Now, to identify ports needing udates.
	host# portversion -v -l "<"
	web# portversion -v -l "<"
	public# portversion -v -l "<"

4. To install updates in one big batch process (time consuming). use
same process as above for each console
	host# portupgrade -varRPP

	host# portupgrade -varR
	..., and finally

4.(a) To update individual application
	host# portupgrade -v {some stubborn port}

After finishing these steps, my jails and host system should be upto
date with respect to installed ports (applications) ...correct ??

>> 2. Some of the ports in the jails are not in the host system {apache, perl}
>> - How do I update these ??

> However it is possible to keep the resulting packages from the upgrading
> process(-p option to portupgrade and then find them in
> /var/ports/packages of everyjail) and use them to rid yourselft of the
> burden of having to recompile those packages installed on all jails.

Please explain further. I've re-read this several times and must just
be slow. Maybe if you can provide an example, I might be able to
understand more clearly. I did read the man portupgrade of -p, -P

Am I telling the system to build a package, with an expectation of
keeping the package source, such that each time a upgrade command is
executed, the process of updating the port is faster ??

# make installworld .... So based on your responses, '# make
installworld' is typically done just once, at the creation of the
jail, and then again after upgrading/updating the host system OS, such
as moving from 6.2-RELEASE-p2 --> 6.2-RELEASE-p3 (hypothetically
speaking) ??