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Re: [ezjail] updating ezjails

Don Munyak wrote:
> re: updating ezjails .. mildly confusion
> I have updated the host system, with jails turned off, using:
> # portsnap fetch && portsnap update
> # portsnap update
> # portversion -v -l "<"
> # portupgrade -varRPP
> # portupgrade -varR
> and finally
> # portupgrade -v {some stubborn port}
> This gets my host system upto date.
> Now I have three ezjails I'd like to update.
> 1. Some of the common ports {autoconf} are not updated in the jail.
> - Do I need to run the same steps above to update the ports in each jail? ..or
> - Do I simply run # ezjail-admin -i update ??

The first assumption you make is the correct when it comes to updating

ejzail-admin update updates the FreeBSD base system shared by all
jails(this means you only need to do it once). However you should have
first updated the host's local source tree. Supposing you have FreeBSD
6.2 or later(as if any exists) running.

freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install
is enough.
For every other FreeBSD release you should use cvsup.

As a rule ezjail-admin has no provisions for dealing with installed
ports. It can however update the ports tree shared by all jails.

> 2. Some of the ports in the jails are not in the host system {apache, perl}
> - How do I update these ??
Enter the jail and do what you did above.

However it is possible to keep the resulting packages from the upgrading
process(-p option to portupgrade and then find them in
/var/ports/packages of everyjail) and use them to rid yourselft of the
burden of having to recompile those packages installed on all jails.

> 3. Also, when I tried to figure this out by myself, I ran;
> # portsnap fetch && portsnap update
> - From within a ezjail and it tried to download a 45MB file, as if I
> was starting from scratch again.
> - I gues I presummed that once the host system ports tree was upto
> date, there would be no need to run portsnap from within a given jail.
Yes and no. If you decide to give all jails a copy of the ports tree run
ezjail-admin update -P to have the ports tree shared by all jails to be
updated. Please note that the ports tree is shared by all jails but not
by the host. The host has its own ports tree.
> So Basically (because I'm a n00b),
> 1. How do I update the ports/packages in each jail?
> 2. So what does 'ezjail-admin -i update' do, aside from 'make installworld'.
> - what exactly is installworld
1. Do what you did for the host system. Save yourself some time by
keeping packages for every port you build and using it to update other
jails ports.
2. Installworld is the process of updating the freebsd base system.
Basically everything not residing in /usr/local except the kernel.
> ~Don

Hope i helped a bit.

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