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updating ezjails

re: updating ezjails .. mildly confusion

I have updated the host system, with jails turned off, using:
# portsnap fetch && portsnap update
# portsnap update
# portversion -v -l "<"
# portupgrade -varRPP
# portupgrade -varR
and finally
# portupgrade -v {some stubborn port}

This gets my host system upto date.

Now I have three ezjails I'd like to update.

1. Some of the common ports {autoconf} are not updated in the jail.
- Do I need to run the same steps above to update the ports in each jail? ..or
- Do I simply run # ezjail-admin -i update ??

2. Some of the ports in the jails are not in the host system {apache, perl}
- How do I update these ??

3. Also, when I tried to figure this out by myself, I ran;
# portsnap fetch && portsnap update
- From within a ezjail and it tried to download a 45MB file, as if I
was starting from scratch again.
- I gues I presummed that once the host system ports tree was upto
date, there would be no need to run portsnap from within a given jail.

So Basically (because I'm a n00b),
1. How do I update the ports/packages in each jail?
2. So what does 'ezjail-admin -i update' do, aside from 'make installworld'.
- what exactly is installworld