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Re: [ezjail] distributed editing of ezjail man pages

On 25.05.10 05:52, Joe wrote:

> I see no benefit to adding an additional layer of technology to
> writing/patching the manpage. The standard in Freebsd is the man page
> and it has to be provided with the port. Lets get a man page that really

The point is not, what is the editing processes result (which of course
is a man page), but how you can make the editing process easier for
those who want to help contributing. Not everyone is fluid in groff and
willing to send actual patches.

So keeping man pages in a wiki like distributed online editor can have
its benefits.

> has some meaningful descriptions in it. This software is named ezjail as
> in "EASY JAIL" and nothing in the man page is described in an easy way
> for the jail novice to understand. Maybe if the man page was better
> written there would be more members on this list.

As I told you in private conversation, I agree that some things need to
be explained in a more understandable way. However, man pages are no
primers. Verbosity must not prevent the expert from looking things up fast.

> On the subject of license type. This is a freebsd port so you are stuck
> with the freebsd license by default. Nothing more needs to be said.

You are wrong. I can chose whatever license I like. There's hundreds of
FreeBSD ports with licenses ranging from GPL to Apache License. ezjail
happens to be under beerware license and I see nothing that can stop me
from doing it.

> About the ezjail's project page not fair to the new contributors
> question. Just apply the contributed patches in a more timely fashion
> and don't lose time doing trivial things.

That's two pairs of shoes. I consider it rude not crediting contributors
to the project. How is that related to the time it takes to apply patches?