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Re: ezjail-admin console and nfs?

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Dave wrote:

>    Have you got any feedback on the ezjail-admin console command? This
> sounds like it would be perfect for me, as i'd like to monitor bootup
> msgs on a jail and interact if needed during jail startup as opposed to
> tailing a logfile.

The command simply works. I just didn't have the time to roll a new
version of ezjail, since I wanted to complete the ezjail-admin restore
feature before.

>    How would i go about providing feedback on this? I'm running FreeBSD
> 6.2 and ezjail 2.1 via ports.

You would just use it for a while from CVS and if everything breaks
you'd send a mail.

>    Finally, do you know anyone who is running an nfs server on a machine
> that is also a jail host? I've got this box nfs exporting some
> directories, but i'm also wanting to run jails on it, possibly using nfs
> within them. I'm wondering if this is possible?

I do not see a reason why jails would break an nfs server in the host
system. Besides, I do not like the host system to run any services at
all, if I'm running jails. But I never tried running an nfs server from
within a jail, so good luck.

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