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monitoring a jail startup and nfs

I've got what probably is a simple question. I'd like to monitor a jails startup. I've created a flavor and added in a package, in this case postfix that requires two interactive questions to be answered. Additionally ssh goes through it's startup and i'd like to monitor that as well. I've tried doing jail and pointing it to the ezjail jail but that doesn't work. I can use jexec, but that needs a jid, but if i start the jail, i miss the startup msgs on my console. What am i missing? Unrelated, but using FreeBSD 6.2 with openssl 0.97 from base. I've got a port that needs openssl 0.98 from ports. I've installed it in the jail, but running openssl version still shows the 0.97 version. I'm also wondering if it's possible to set up nfs inside jails? I've got it running on the host system exporting items to other computers, but i'd like to set up a separate jail subnet, and have one jail run nfs, that the others can connect to. I'd like jail and host nfs not to interfere with each other. Is this doable?