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Re: [ezjail] distributed editing of ezjail man pages

Le Lundi 26 à  0:17, Dirk Engling a écrit :
> now where I'm back from my trip around the globe, I now want to get
> the communities (i.e. you ;) involvement in ezjail's documentation on
> track. It has been mentioned in some mails before...

I see nobody chimed in; I would be willing to contribute to the best of
my abilities.

> The point here is that there hardly is anything sane to do just that.
> I've found http://ikiwiki.info/ which uses a CVS/SVN/git backend and
> can be made to render man pages via plugins.
> Anyone here has a better idea where I can put the man pages to?

This is the solution recently adopted by FVWM. I don't know how well it
works from the point of vue of a contributor (I didn't contributed), but
nobody complained on the mailing list so far.

An other advantage of this setup is that people are able to "$DVCS
checkout", use $EDITOR to make changes, and "$DVCS checkin" their work
instead of being constrained in their browser. The contributor's guide
from FVWMwiki : <http://fvwmwiki.xteddy.org/anonymouscheckout/>.

> Would every contributor to that editing project be willing to write
> under the same beerware license ezjail currently is released under? If
> not, what would that mean for the project? Would I need to manually
> reject changes?

Beerware is such a stoopid license. Switch to the WTFPL!


Whatever. It's fine by me.

> This is, btw, an issue I never brought up when receiving patches to
> the code. I should do that now and - while my utterly neglected thanks
> section on ezjail's project page is not fair to the new contributors -
> install an appropriate credits system. Any suggestions here?

What about my patch for ip6 aliases ? :-)