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distributed editing of ezjail man pages

Hello community,

now where I'm back from my trip around the globe, I now want to get the
communities (i.e. you ;) involvement in ezjail's documentation on track.
It has been mentioned in some mails before...

The point here is that there hardly is anything sane to do just that.
I've found http://ikiwiki.info/ which uses a CVS/SVN/git backend and can
be made to render man pages via plugins.

Anyone here has a better idea where I can put the man pages to?

Would every contributor to that editing project be willing to write
under the same beerware license ezjail currently is released under? If
not, what would that mean for the project? Would I need to manually
reject changes?

This is, btw, an issue I never brought up when receiving patches to the
code. I should do that now and - while my utterly neglected thanks
section on ezjail's project page is not fair to the new contributors -
install an appropriate credits system. Any suggestions here?

Regards and TIA,