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Re: [ezjail] /pkg not found

On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, Roy Will wrote:

i want to add these pkgs when creating a new jail: libtool, libiconv,
gettext, gmake, vim, etc., so in my /data/jails/flavours/myflavour/ ,
need i add a dir 'pkg'  and
put these packges into the dir?  i thought the 'rm -rf /pkg' will
delete the /pkg of the flavour when the first creating...

You first need to understand what exactly a flavour is, it looks like:

btw, is it a good idea to install vim-lite in the basejail for shared
by all jails?

indicates that you don't.

explains, what you want to do with flavours, http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/ezjail/#difference_templatejail_flavour
explains the difference between your template jail and a flavour.

Another question: why need another copy of ports tree in each jail?
for example,
/data/jails/basejail/usr/ports/  is a copy,
and /data/jails/www/basejail/usr/ports/  is another copy.
i thought /data/jails/basejail/usr/ports are shared by all jails...

http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/ezjail/#ports_copy explains, why I considered drawing a distinct line between host and jail environment.

What YOU do notice, is that ezjail mounts an transparent copy of your ports (and the rest of the world) from basejail to all other jails. This is not a copy in file system sense but a virtual one meant to save you disc space.