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Upgrading Jail / delete-old


I've update my basesystem from 6.4 to FreeBSD 7.3. Also I upgrade my basejail to 7.3 with "ezjail-admin upgrade -i".
Everything works fine, but I wonder how I can delete old stuff in the basejail. For the system I do:

- install misc/compat6x
after that I do in /usr/src
- yes | make delete-old
- yes | make delete-old-libs

How can I do that for the jails ? Is that the right procedure:

Install "misc/compat6x" in every (?!) jail ?
make delete-old DESTDIR=/path/to/basejail 
make delete-old-libs DESTDIR=/path/to/basejail
should I do the delete for the other jails too ?