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BUG: ezjail-admin restart & zfs dataset attachment

I added a quick line of debugging output just above the "zfs jail" line in ezjail.sh (it's the only time that string appears in the file) and verified that what I thought I was seeing was what I was actually seeing.

So here's the deal. (ezjail-admin stop && ezjail-admin start) != (ezjail-admin restart). If you do the former, the dataset will be detached from the jail, and then attached to the new jail ID. If you do the latter, the dataset might be detached from the old jail, but it's not reattached to the new jail -- which can cause some undesirable effects in the newly-restarted jail.

At the very least, this problem could be hacked around by having ezjail-admin restart invoke the stop, then the start method.

I apologize for not having a patch to contribute.

-Jesse Kempf

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