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Re: [ezjail] install 60 jails

Use the "flavours" feature, which is documented.

Basically, you need to take some time and craft a custom shell script to be executed when the jail is built. You'll want to spend some time building a "test jail", and documenting exactly which packages you want installed, and commands to build and configure them. Then write the 'ezjail.flavour' shell script to run the neccessary commands. Blow away and re-create your test jail using your custom flavour until everything works the way you want it. THEN you create the 60 jails using that flavour.

Jorge R. Constenla wrote:
I use 5 servers. (Xeon 8MBL2 2.40GHz  1066MHz, 4G RAM, 500G SATA)
I run 12 Jails per server.

I know how can create a Jail but my question is:
What is the easy way to install programs like apache, qmail etc.. and update the 60 jails ?
One by one?

If you know some documentation, will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Matt Simerson wrote:

On Oct 24, 2007, at 9:23 PM, Dirk Engling wrote:

Jorge R. Constenla wrote:

I need to install 60 jails.
All Jails should run apache-php5-mysql5-perl-ftp-qmail-vpopmail-courier

Have you considered how much RAM is going to be required to manage 60 Apache + PHP 5 instances? And 60 MySQL instances? Even with my-small.cnf you're looking at a lot of RAM. Is MySQL necessary? Can you use one MySQL instance shared by all 60 jails?

Vpopmail works just fine with the CDB database, so unless you need something like the sasql plugin for squirrelmail, or SA per-user prefs, avoiding MySQL entirely would be a good design idea.

I also echo Dirk's suggestion of lighttpd instead of Apache and dovecot instead of courier.


Do you know some documentation to do this?

for i in `jot - 1 60 1`; do
  ezjail-admin create \
  -f apache-php5-mysql5-perl-ftp-qmail-vpopmail-courrier \
  apmpfqvc-${i}.foo.com 42.42.42.${i} ;\

I also would set up only one mysql jail that can be backupped and
updated centrally, would go for lighty instead of apache, centralize my
mail infrastructure in one jail by offering virtual hosts as outlined in
http://erdgeist.org/epost.pdf, consider using dovecot. Then I would
create one disc-image containing a clone-able read-only setup which I
would deploy and script-configure 60 times. In case of an update I would
just delete them, roll a new image and clone that.


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