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Re: [ezjail] install 60 jails

Jorge R. Constenla wrote:
What is the easy way to install programs like apache, qmail etc.. and update the 60 jails ?
One by one?

You can set up an extra host that is your package repository. you would use this to build, host/serve your packages (over ftp).

You can then use pkg_add -r or portupgrade with certain flags to install/upgrade your (installed) ports/packages on each of your jails.

This means you can manage your ports in one location and use scripts to roll out updates across all your jails pretty easily. A tool like tentakel might even enable you to do it all from one shell (still working on that myself).

You probably already know about jailaudit, which is critical for keeping up to date on vulnerable ports installed in your jails.

The extra host could even be a 13th jail on one of your hosts, as it only uses significant resources when building a package.

I personally don't like the FreeBSD qmail port so I use a script adapted from one of the qmail books to install it. There have been no updates for years so once it's installed and securely configured you usually don't have to touch it again.

There are a good number of steps in setting up a package repository, you'll find some howtos via google and I will try to write up a howto if needed.


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