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Re: [ezjail] Two jail newbie questions

On 2007/10/24, rick <rick AT ttys0 DOT us> wrote:

:The easy way would be setting the jail ip as a secondary IP address to
:nve0, by using the ifconfig alias parameter.

I used nve0 to get the jail access working.  I tried using the loopback address
but couldnt figure out how to obtain connectivity to the jail with it.

Using a loopback interface by a jail will require routing (or redirecting, as
in firewalls/proxies), because you'll need to forward packets between
different interfaces - in your case, nve0 and lo1 - that should have different
(sub)networks  IP addresses.

Googling you'll find people using this solution combined with pf or ipfw to
redirect packets between the hosts physical interface and its logical
loopbacks, using reserved IP addresses.