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Re: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1

Andrew Hotlab wrote:
> In the meanwhile, multiple FIB support is one of the new FreeBSD features (like cpuset and ZFS) we can already use in production environment but, unlike cpuset association and ZFS configuration, I think that the FIB number needs a "special" care: a jail can work well even if you created it on the "wrong" ZFS tank or associated to the wrong cpuset, but if you didn't remember to associate it with the right FIB, your jail will not be reachable neither it will communicate outside its subnet. This is why I decided that five characters would have been "well spent" to have this information in evidence today in the list view, while tomorrow it could be shown in a single-jail detailed view.

One could argue that FIB is a very special setting at the moment and not
used by most users, it needs recompiling of the kernel and is not
available in the GENERIC kernel. CPUset and ZFS are available in
GENERIC. Then again we try to support FreeBSD down to version 6.4, which
doesn't have any of those new features at all.

> Clearly my opinion is influenced by the fact that I need to work with multiple FIBs... do anyone else think that it is not worth it?

Don't get me wrong, I think it is worth it and I understand the need for
this! I simple don't see this coming into 3.1 on such short notice and I
don't see it coming in the way you 	suggested. You may also understand
that we need to make a cut in features that will make it into 3.1.

I guess I can speak for Dirk when I say, its better to think this
through and find a generic solution that will also be usable with all
the other new features, then to rush it into the release. Its always
easy to introduce new stuff, but to remove legacy is a lot harder, e.g.
the make.conf problem.