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RE: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1

> Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 02:04:46 +0100
> From: cryx-freebsd AT h3q DOT com
> To: ezjail AT erdgeist DOT org
> Subject: Re: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1
> Andrew Hotlab wrote:
>> I've just tested it in various conditions (started and stopped jails, multi-ip jails, etc.), and it seems to work.
>> As I wrote, I'm not a script expert: I've merely extended what somebody already wrote, barely understanding the meaning of the code... please be kind! :)
> Thanks for the patch, but do we really need this in ezjail-admin list?
> If we start to show all the settings a jail can have, we will end up
> with an output which will not fit into a terminal session with 80 spaces
> width anymore.
> I guess it would be better to introduce something like "ezjail-admin
> list -v" showing all the settings or maybe something like "ezjail-admin
> list " for a full overview of the jail settings for just one jail.

Yes,  it was my first thought too, but then I found better do that, perhaps mainly because I do not have the time/competency to write such a new feature before the 3.1 release! :)

Adding features like what you suggest to ezjail will make it somewhat more closer to the Solaris zone management tool... I think it would be a great idea, but it would be better to wait features like vimage to be production-ready before going on.In the meanwhile, multiple FIB support is one of the new FreeBSD features (like cpuset and ZFS) we can already use in production environment but, unlike cpuset association and ZFS configuration, I think that the FIB number needs a "special" care: a jail can work well even if you created it on the "wrong" ZFS tank or associated to the wrong cpuset, but if you didn't remember to associate it with the right FIB, your jail will not be reachable neither it will communicate outside its subnet. This is why I decided that five characters would have been "well spent" to have this information in evidence today in the list view, while tomorrow it could be shown in a single-jail detailed view.

Clearly my opinion is influenced by the fact that I need to work with multiple FIBs... do anyone else think that it is not worth it?


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