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Re: [ezjail] Daylight savings in jails

On 2007/10/17, Alexandros Kosiaris <alex AT noc.ntua DOT gr> wrote:
Alex Moura wrote:
> On 2007/10/17, George Donnelly <george AT highspeedrails DOT com
> <mailto:george AT highspeedrails DOT com >> wrote:
>     remove the adjkerntz line from /etc/crontab. this is a good idea for any
>     and all jails.
> Still bites me why only two jails of ten are misbehaving.
Does adjkerntz check if any changes are needed before doing anything ? I
really don't know but if the answer to the above is yes here's your answer.
Or perhaps you have disabled sendmail in the non "misbehaving" jails ?

Hi Alex,

Only one jail is running postfix instead of sendmail. All others are running
the default sendmail config. The one running postfix is really not complaining
about adjkerntz.

Not sure if this can make any difference, but some jails are very old (created
with ezjail-1.2 or 1.3.x).

>     also, you can tzsetup to control the timezone of a jail, you don't need
>     to use the zoneinfo port.
> Unfortunately, here we need the port, as the brazilian Government changes
> the daylight start and end dates every single year. So we must update
> the zoneinfo
> (or update manually wth zic) before using the tzsetup.
You got to be joking. This year US changed their daylight dates and the
whole world almost run amok and you are doing it every single year?
Which means that every year you have to change and compile by hand
timezone infos ?

I wish I was.

Every year the brazilian admins think the govt. making fun of them
regarding about the start and end dates.


Alex Moura