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Re: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1

Andrew Hotlab wrote:
> I've just tested it in various conditions (started and stopped jails, multi-ip jails, etc.), and it seems to work.
> As I wrote, I'm not a script expert: I've merely extended what somebody already wrote, barely understanding the meaning of the code... please be kind! :)

Thanks for the patch, but do we really need this in ezjail-admin list?

If we start to show all the settings a jail can have, we will end up
with an output which will not fit into a terminal session with 80 spaces
width anymore.

I guess it would be better to introduce something like "ezjail-admin
list -v" showing all the settings or maybe something like "ezjail-admin
list <jailname>" for a full overview of the jail settings for just one jail.