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mail from inside jails


my current setup for sendmail in jails is to disable it at all by using the settings in the default flavour. I don't like sendmail reachable via tcp and it is binding to the jail-ipaddr instead of localhost because there is none. Filtering incoming tcp port 25 is okay, but not the right way I think.

But disabling sendmail inside the jails has the disadvantage of daily-run mails piling up in /var/spool/clientmqueue.

One way is to give sendmail a relay-host but aliases do not work with this solution, same with stuff like ssmtp.

So I'm looking for a solution for:

a) sending mail from within the jail directly to the correct MX of the mail-addresses resolved from aliases
This has the disadvantage of allowing outgoing connections to tcp port 25.


b) the same solution but sending the mail to a relaying mailserver first
This has the disadvantage of needing a relaying mailserver configured for relaying mail from the jails.

Best would be to not need anything else than the default freebsd userland but if there is an easy solution from the ports, that could be okay too.

I hope to include one or both solutions in an ezjail example flavour so it becomes easy to get mail from inside jails working.