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ezjail features

Congrats dirk on the new release: it's got all the bells and whistles
you promised! Very glad to have rename, fsck, console, etc. they are
useful command options. Your TODO list looks interesting! MMAP'ing jails
to make backups (!) I noticed that at the dev summit jails were
discussed and that folks are looking at ways to remove the concept of
JIDs and have jails only use names - hope this makes life easier :-)

Sorry if this Q is already a FAQ, but what are other folks doing when
it's time to move an ezjail-based jail to another ezjail-based jail host
server? I mske sure ezjail is set up and working on the new host and
then use rsync to move:

/usr/jails/jailname.domain/* or jailname.domain.img

to the new host and then copy over settings from /etc/rc.conf or
/etc/start_if.[interface] It never seems to quite be as automatic as I'd
like but it mostly works.  Is this a sane approach or am I missing an
option that would make it "ez"er?.

cheers, and thanks for the great tool

ps: Have you done any experiments with "binary base jails" using
freebsd-update? It seems like it could be a faster/easier way to make
base jail than using source, but changing path settings and fiddling
with freebsd-update.conf (freebsd-update itself is a shell script)
doesn't seem to be enough to make it do. The "-b basedir" option sounded
promising :-\