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Two new features in ezjail

Dear hackers,

I introduced a new 'console' subcommand to ezjail-admin. This allows attaching to a jail by its jail name.

  jls | grep hostname
  jexec <cut&paste> /bin/sh

now can be achieved by

  ezjail-admin console [-e /bin/sh] hostname

The script can even try to start that jail, if ran with -f.

The second feature is a short cut for everything that matches *start or *stop. All parameters are being passed to ezjail.sh that will do all the

This is particularily usefule, since for me /usr/local/etc/rc.d is not in path and I am too damn lazy to everytime type that path.

  ezj<TAB>restart foo.org

now is everyhing needed to restart a jail.

You can find all that in CVS, I'd love to have some feedback on this.