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Weird Permission Denied Error.


Look - I want to love ezjail.  I've set up many jails in the past, and ezjail
really makes it my life a whole lot easier.  Except for my little

When I installed mysql50-server, and added mysql_enable="YES" to
rc.conf, and issued /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysqld start, here's what I get:

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server start
Starting mysql.
su: /bin/csh: Permission denied

I traced the offending line to /etc/rc.subr, and can reproduce the
actual problem with the following simple command: 

# su -m nobody -c 'whoami'
su: /bin/csh: Permission denied

On any normal system, or normal jail, that command works fine.  

I've checked all my jail sysctls, I've checked all the rc variables that
i've found, and can't figure this out.  It's not a system problem - a
normal jail behaves normally on the exact same system.  Just not the

I set the ezjails up twice, from scratch, using all defaults, with and
without specifying a flavor.  Can post the specific commands if that
would help.  

Any help would be appreciated,