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Re: [ezjail] Non-interactive use of ezjail-admin update -P

Dirk Engling wrote:
> Alexandros Kosiaris wrote:
>> By the way, do we have any whatsoever information of when there will be
>> a new version of ezjail ? Has development stoped?
> No, dont worry. I'm just on a trip around the world, returning next
> weekend. 
Kind a jealous... ;-). Have a nice time for the remaining of your trip(I
am pretty sure you already do :-) )
After tidying up the stuff that accumulated during my 2
> month-absense, I'm going to roll a new version.
> The problem you describe is, iirc, already fixed in CVS.
Nice. So I was correct remembering I had seen it somewhere even though I
never found the way back.
> Regards
>   erdgeist

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