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Re: [ezjail] re: (ezjail) updating ports for jails

Thanks. That did it. Whatever issue i was experiencing it was on the host as well, running portsnap fetch gave me the same output. So following the below procedure solved it. One thing, kind of unrelated, but i'll throw it out there. I've got three jails, one host system, all run portupgrade i'd like to make a script run by all, that runs portversion -l "<" which indicates any updated port requirements, if that jail has any and only if it has any it emails root, which i have all jails configured to send mail to the central mailserver, which delivers it appropriately.

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Dave wrote:
   Thanks, i did the update again and got the same msg. I'd like to make
this work, but i don't want to have to start over to do it.


Then it does seem to be something on the client side. It's definitely a
portsnap issue and it must be present on the host portsnap too.
Could you run portsnap fetch on the host? Normally you would have the
same output. Unfortunately i am not a portsnap expert. All I have to
offer as an advice is:

mv /var/db/portsnap /var/db/portsnap.old
mkdir /var/db/portsnap
portsnap fetch

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