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Re: [ezjail] why is fdescfs needed

George Donnelly wrote:
> Is anyone else using the latest patched of 6.2-RELEASE? I remember that
> in p2 i think /etc/rc.d/jail was updated. and i am pretty sure this
> weird delay is happening in /etc/rc.d/jail now.

Well. I do. Got 3 machine 6.2-RELEASE-p4 and /etc/rc.d/jail is patched
indeed. However as i have already said, empty machines take 2-3 secs at
most. I even tried with encrypted image jails and still they take less
than 5 secs to start. Now of course the system i am trying on is a dual
core xeon at 3G with 2G RAM. However you speak of a sudden change in
jail starting speed so i assuse host specs and resources were not a
problem before.

> On May 10, 2007, at 11:10 AM, George Donnelly wrote:
>> I rebuilt my kernel without fdescfs but the delay is still there.
>> and the delay must be after the jail actually starts because even tho
>> the ezjail.sh command has not restart, the jail is already running and
>> i can jexec into it.
>> i wonder if some of this crypto or image stuff in ezjail.sh is causing
>> this...
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