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Re: [ezjail] why is fdescfs needed

George Donnelly wrote:
> hi
> I'm using a standard jail with no special options:
> ezjail-admin  create hostname ip
> but when i start up the jail i get this:
> ezjailConfiguring jails:.
> Starting jails:mount_fdescfs: Operation not supported by device
> is fdescfs really needed for something or is that just for the image
> options?
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In /usr/local/etc/ezjail.conf stops these errors from appearing.

The file-descriptor file system, or fdescfs, provides access to the per-
process file descriptor namespace in the global file system namespace.
The conventional mount point is /dev/fd.

Never really used it, neither in host, nor in jail systems. Does anyone
know a good reason for using it ?

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