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Re: [ezjail] ezjail best practices

rdnzl AT flashfingaz DOT de wrote:
* Duane Winner wrote:

Guess I shouldn't have used the term "ports" when I meant "packages" to avoid confusion.

I understand how to get the ports collection installed and updated with the -P switch, but what I'm interested in is a way to keep the installed packages current on each of the jails without having to go into each jail individually and type:

# portupgrade -a

every time a port needs updating.

Is this possible when all of the jails run the same set of packages?

Maybe i completly miss the point, but maybe installing all the needed packages/ports on the main system and null mounting /usr/local/bin , /usr/local/lib et al into the jails while keeping /usr/local/etc unique
in each jail could do the trick.

Thanks -- this is actually most along the lines of what I was conceptualizing.

I suppose the questions I should be asking are:

1. Between basejail and flavours, does a facility for this technique already exist so that I am not duplicating efforts. (I think this is already answered by virtue of the fact that we are discussing this in the first place :)

2. Is there a bad reason for doing this? (i.e., security, etc.), where I should be better off just sticking to installing packages into each jail and letting them manage their own space.

Thanks all for the input,

regards, rdnzl