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Re: [ezjail] ezjail best practices

Duane Winner wrote:
> Guess I shouldn't have used the term "ports" when I meant "packages" to
> avoid confusion.
> I understand how to get the ports collection installed and updated with
> the -P switch, but what I'm interested in is a way to keep the installed
> packages current on each of the jails without having to go into each
> jail individually and type:
> # portupgrade -a
> every time a port needs updating.
> Is this possible when all of the jails run the same set of packages?

You can make a jail (or a standalone system) act as a package builder and
have the packages (that usually get placed in /usr/ports/packages) built
there (use portupgrade -a --package) then export that directory by ftp or
by mounting it in a way that is accessible to all the other jails. Then in
each jail you run "portupgrade -a --use-packages" (you can specify the
host to get packages from with PACKAGESITE).  That way the same packages
are installed across your system and all your jails.

I've done this with a bunch of jails that have 5-10 common packages - and
across multiple machines - but I think there is a more automatic
ezjail-admin method (not sure if it uses packages or ports) that might be
more appropriate.

In any case this might make a good addition to Don Munyak's wiki
page/cookbook :-) Quoting Don:

> I have been working on a "cookbook" per-se, for setting up a freebsd
> server using ezjail to segregate applications. This cookbook is
> written in OpenOffice-write. It's 45kb and approximately 50 pages. I
> have been adding/editing as I go.
> http://www.munyak.com/downloads/cookbook.odt

Graham Todd - Bellanet@IDRC