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Re: [ezjail] ezjail best practices


Guess I shouldn't have used the term "ports" when I meant "packages" to avoid confusion.

I understand how to get the ports collection installed and updated with the -P switch, but what I'm interested in is a way to keep the installed packages current on each of the jails without having to go into each jail individually and type:

# portupgrade -a

every time a port needs updating.

Is this possible when all of the jails run the same set of packages?


Alex Moura wrote:
On 5/1/07, *Duane Winner* <dwinner AT dwinner DOT net <mailto:dwinner AT dwinner DOT net>> wrote:

    I've figured out how to install the ports collection into basejail so
    that they are available to each jail and can install a port from that
    point into a jail, but if there is a way to streamline this, I would
    like to start off on the right foot.

    Would it make sense to install packages (ports) into basejail, and if
    so, how?


Try this on the base system:
# ezjail-admin update -P