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Re: [ezjail] /usr/ports

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 08:25:14PM -0500, alexus wrote:
> does it make sense to share /usr/ports between system (host) and jails?
> to say save on space? not that i'm running out of space but still
> or there are some concerns which makes it a bad idea?

In theory, no.  The ezjail jails have their own WKRDIRPREFIX by default
(by custom-installed /etc/make.conf).

So, sharing the host port tree should be fine as long as you don't
change these.

If space is a concern (I know you said it isn't), you should note that
each jail has its own DISTDIR set (again, in /etc/make.conf), so jails
with similar ports (perl, for example), will all download an independent
version of said port.  For the truly paranoid, sharing DISTDIRs could be
a security concern if $someport has a security vulnverability, or has
been compromised upstream.