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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin bug with more than one ezjail.flavour scripts

On Mon, 9 Jan 2012, geoffroy desvernay wrote:

$((installed_flavours+=1)) works, but I don't know why `printf %04d
$((installed_flavours+=1))` never increments $installed_flavours :(

This is because it is evaluated in the subshell spawned by the backticks and never exported to the calling shell. Stupid me.

I know that this kind of flavourizing script is 'deprecated' in favour
of /etc/rc.d ones, but I though it may save some time to someone like me ;)

Well, I came to think of them as a 'simpler way' now, not the deprecated way. I found that when I noticed how much boiler plate code is needed for rc style scripts, nowadays.

So I will fix it as soon as I am back at the computer.

Regards and thanks for the report (why didnt yo write earlier, when the bug is not new to you ;)