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Re: [ezjail] Jails and networks


I did not test this but below are some steps you can try and let us know: 

on the host /etc/rc.conf file 

ifconfig_bge0="inet   netmask"
ifconfig_bge0_alias0="inet  netmask"

note: bge0 might be something else on your machine.

After you create the jail log into it and create  /etc/rc.conf with the following in it: 


maybe there is another easy way to include the gateway on the same line of the network alias or something.

good luck.

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Jack Raats <jack AT jarasoft DOT net> wrote:
Please, can anyone help me?
I'm running FreeBSD 7.4-STABLE with the latest ezjail from the ports.
I only have one networkcard.
On my network I have two gateways
I want:
The host is running as netmask with gateway
The jail must be running netmask with gateway
Is this possible?
How to do it??
Jack Raats

Best Regards,
Mahmoud Jisri
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Mississauga, On, Canada
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