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FreeBSD-9.0 ftp-servers layout change breaking ezjail-admin install


since FreeBSD-9.0 the layout of ftp-servers changed to this:

ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/`uname -m`/`uname
-p`/'uname -r'/[archive].txz

The archive is merged and its extensions changed to txz, here is the MANIFEST:
base.txz	sha256	size	base	"Base system (MANDATORY)"	on
doc.txz	sha256	size	doc	"Additional documentation"	off
games.txz	sha256	size	games	"Games (fortune, etc.)"	on
kernel.txz	sha256	size	kernel	"Kernel (MANDATORY)"	on
lib32.txz	sha256	size	lib32	"32-bit compatibility libraries"	on
ports.txz	sha256	size	ports	"Ports tree"	on
src.txz	sha256	size	src	"System source code"	off

These are extracted with following commands:
for file in base.txz lib32.txz kernel.txz doc.txz ports.txz src.txz;
do (cat $file | tar --unlink -xpJf - -C ${DESTDIR:-/}); done

Therefore ezjail-admin fails to install from ftp.

Setting up basejail with ezjail-admin update -b works as expected.

Some background on the layout change is mentioned in this thread:

Best Regards,
Hakisho Nukama