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Re: [ezjail] add custom mounts?

actually, it looks easier than I thought.. have to edit the fstab.* by hand.


Philipp Wuensche wrote:
Michael Scheidell wrote:
I want to add custom mounts when I build new jails.

example:  if I wanted to have 16 jails, all doing exactly the same
thing, why not (read only) mount:


would mount (shared)  ../sbin ../bin  ../libexe  ../perl and php stuff...

executables would be same executables (save memory, disk space) and
upkeep.. only one set of files to run a portsupgrade on.

(with a private , rw /usr/local/etc for each one)

any idea easy way to go about this?
Why not put your stuff into basejail/usr/local and create a link from
/basejail/usr/local to /usr/local in every jail? Could be done by a flavour.



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