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Re: [ezjail] ZFS? [WAS] Re: Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Philipp Wuensche wrote:
> Philipp Wuensche wrote:
>> Today I setup a 7.1-RELEASE system with ZFS. freebsd-update should now
>> work with ZFS and ezjail but not with FreeBSD-7. ZFS in FreeBSD 7 is
>> heavily outdated and doesn't know stuff like zfs create -p which I use
>> in the patch :-(
>> My guess is ZFS in FreeBSD 7 isn't stable enough for running a
>> jailsystem anyway, the ZFS patches in 8.0 require huge changes in the
>> FreeBSD kernel and I think they will not be backported to FreeBSD 7, so
>> FreeBSD 8.0 is the way to go.
> Guess I'm wrong, ZFS pool version 13 was commited to 7-STABLE so we will
> see ZFS in FreeBSD-7.
> I will start testing the ZFS stuff for ezjail on 7-STABLE as soon as I
> have a system running 7-STABLE with ZFS, if things work out there will
> be a commit of the ZFS feature in ezjail very soon.

Excellent news. I tested your previous patches/features and found them
very useful and will test anything that comes along. Thanks!

Last time I checked there were still some outstanding manual page bugs in
the various 3.0b-ish versions of ezjail I've got lying around $HOME :-)
... I'll look for those too ;-)