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Re: [ezjail] add custom mounts?

We use ezjail to build web application environments.  Many of these
environments use the same php extensions, apache mods, etc... so it would
be ideal if we could make a basic application environment and share those
binaries like you suggested.  This would really help since we could keep
the environments the same, but separate our our clients' web app files
using jails.  It would really speed the process, and reduce the resources
necessary to run them all like you suggested.  Count me as interested.


On Thu, 14 May 2009 16:11:01 -0700, Fred Condo <fcondo AT quinn DOT com> wrote:
> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Michael Scheidell
> <scheidell AT secnap DOT net> wrote:
>> I want to add custom mounts when I build new jails.
>> example:  if I wanted to have 16 jails, all doing exactly the same
>> thing,
>> why not (read only) mount:
>> /usr/local
>> would mount (shared)  ../sbin ../bin  ../libexe  ../perl and php
>> stuff...
>> executables would be same executables (save memory, disk space) and
>> upkeep..
>> only one set of files to run a portsupgrade on.
>> (with a private , rw /usr/local/etc for each one)
>> any idea easy way to go about this?
> I have just started work on something like this (basically reading
> through the ezjail code; no new code has yet been written). I know
> this idea goes against Dirk's design philosophy of ezjail, so I'm
> wondering whether to create a set of patches or to fully fork a
> project from ezjail. This is for an internal project of my employer's,
> so it has a much lower priority than client work. But if there is much
> interest, I might be able to make some extra time for it.

Nestor Wheelock
Partner / Systems Architect == function(form);
ofc: 314-558-4850 x501
fax: 314-367-5858