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Re: [ezjail] Converting legacy jails to ezjail

> All those binaries come from the FreeBSD userland which is provided via
> the basejail mount inside the jail, looks like you messed up the
> basejail setup inside the jail. Are you sure /usr/sbin is a symlink to
> /basejail/usr/sbin inside the jail?
> greetings,
> cryx

Spot on!

I copy and pasted the for loop from the front page - I foolishly assumed
it completed without error. Turns out that mv was refusing to move some of
the folders inside usr/ and so, as you suspected, there were missing
symlinks back to basejail.

I really should have checked that by hand first.

Thanks very much! Were it not for me being daft it would have been a
completely hassle free experience. Attended to the missing symlinks by
hand - migrated jail booted and running with no problems at all.