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Re: [ezjail] Converting legacy jails to ezjail

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 15:29, Kev <kev AT eztiger DOT org> wrote:

Try installing the /usr/ports/misc/compat6x port. It worked flawlessly
when we migrated jails from FreeBSD-6.x-RELEASE to


Hi Alex,

I've tried installing this in the host...still the same problem. I'm not sure I can install it in the broken jail if I can't start it?

As the errors you sent were related to services - bsdftpd, sshd and inetd - I didn't notice your jail wasn't starting.

If it's not a image jail, you can acess the /usr/jails/<jail name>/etc/rc.conf and disable these services, then try starting again the jail and acess it's console with  "ezjail-admin console <jail fqdn>". If this works, you can exit to the host shell and proceed updating the jails ports tree: ezjail-admin update -P

Then, go to the jail console again and install the port: ezjail-admin console <jail>
cd /usr/ports/misc/compat6x && make install distclean

And try to start the jail services - don't forget the "YES" at the /etc/rc.conf - bsdftpd, sshd and inetd.