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zfs datasets not unmounted


I've configured a dataset to be attached inside a jail. But it is not unmounted automatically if the jail is stopped

What I did

* creating zfs dataset to use inside the jail
zfs create data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs
zfs set mountpoint=/var/data/cifs data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs
zfs set jailed=on data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs

* ezjail config:
export jail_fs_zfs_datasets="data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs"

* /etc/fstab inside the jail:
data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs /var/data/cifs zfs rw 0 0

But "zfs mount" on jailhost shows the mountpoints after stopping the jail:
data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs  /var/data/cifs
data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs/homes  /var/data/cifs/homes
data/jails/fs/var/data/cifs/share  /var/data/cifs/share

Have I missed something ?