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Re: [ezjail] SOLVED: Flavour setup script: port can't find already installed dependencies

>> Any other ideas on how to make Œwhich¹ successfully find the gmake executable?
> Might be worth viewing the jail's system log whilst it's starting up for
> that first time and installing the flavour.  If you have another terminal to
> hand you should find the log file in /var/log/ prefixed with a 'jail_' and
> named for your jail.  Perhaps pop a 'pkg info' and a 'which gmake' in there
> before you try installing the port and see what information you get back.

Looking at the log showed me that 'pkg info' works as expected. 'which gmake' comes up empty and 'ls -l /usr/local/bin/gmake' shows that the executable is there alright.

However, reading the man page for 'which' got me thinking: turns out the PATH variable doesn't include /usr/local/(s)bin for the flavour setup scripts.

Thanks for your input!