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Re: [ezjail] zsh completion widget for ezjail-admin

Le lundi 25 à 20:26, Frédéric Perrin a écrit :
> I just created a zsh completion widget for ezjail-admin. What do you
> think of it? Dirk, do you think I can install it in the CVS? (The
> port would have a knob, defaulting to NO, enabling the user to choose
> whether to install it.)

Dirk, can I install this completion widget in ezjail's CVS ?

> Gitweb view: http://gitweb.fperrin.net/?p=ezjail-admin-zsh.git;a=tree
> Grab the _ezjail-admin file, drop it in /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions,
> and restart zsh.