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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin update -u

Hello Konstantin,

Le jeudi 28 à 9:34, Konstantin Vasilyev a écrit :
>  4. ezjail-admin install -mp to instal new 7.4-RELEASE basejail

When I told you in my last mail that `update -i' was no the correct
command, I had `update -b' in mind, instead (`-b' does a `make
buildworld installworld' behind the scenes).

> I'm afraid about ezjail-admin install -mp. May be better to delete old
> basejail first?

Well, wiping everything and then reinstalling is always an option, I
guess :-). Seriously, except for the `update -b' VS `install -mp' part
above, what you posted is sensible.

Fred -- http://tar-jx.bz