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Re: [ezjail] Flavour setup script: port can't find already installed dependencies

> Trying to do the following in my flavour setup script:
> pkg install -y gmake qmail
> cd /usr/ports/mail/vpopmail && make install
> The packages are installed successfully, but building the port fails as the
> gmake executable is somehow not found. Of course, it then tries to install
> gmake from ports, which fails because it¹s already installed. When I open a
> console in the freshly started jail I can then install the port without any
> problems.

I think when we were first playing with pkgng we had issues in that it
required a 'first run' to bootstrap it.  Possibly not your issue as you
mention the packages are being installed okay, but in our flavours we have:


Before we add any other packages.  Might no longer be needed of course.  I
expect anything is worth trying! :)

> Any other ideas on how to make ?which¹ successfully find the gmake executable?

Might be worth viewing the jail's system log whilst it's starting up for
that first time and installing the flavour.  If you have another terminal to
hand you should find the log file in /var/log/ prefixed with a 'jail_' and
named for your jail.  Perhaps pop a 'pkg info' and a 'which gmake' in there
before you try installing the port and see what information you get back.