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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin update -u

Hello Konstantin,

Le mercredi 27 à 16:09, Konstantin Vasilyev a écrit :
> I'm looking for complete how to about keep my FreeBSD host and some
> jails up to date.
> But still find nothing. So some questions here.
> Can I do following to upgrade my host and jails from 7.3 to 7.4?
> stop all jails
> freebsd-update upgrade -r 7.4-RELEASE
> freebsd-update install
> reboot			# Install the new kernel on the host and boot it
> freebsd-update install  # Install the new userland on the host
> ezjail-admin update -i

`update -i' means that a `make buildworld' has already been done. Is
that the case for you ?

> mergemaster -iU -D /usr/jails/jail1
> mergemaster -iU -D /usr/jails/jail2

You're right, I didn't mention the mergemaster master step.

> start all jails

If you have a ezjail_enable=YES line in rc.conf, the jail are already
running since the `reboot' step.

> What do you think?

Sounds reasonable.

Frédéric Perrin -- http://tar-jx.bz