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Flavour setup script: port can't find already installed dependencies


Trying to do the following in my flavour setup script:
pkg install -y gmake qmail
cd /usr/ports/mail/vpopmail && make install

The packages are installed successfully, but building the port fails as the gmake executable is somehow not found. Of course, it then tries to install gmake from ports, which fails because it’s already installed. When I open a console in the freshly started jail I can then install the port without any problems.

I took a look at the bsd.port.mk file and found that ‘which’ is used to determine whether an executable is available or not. I’ve tried adding ‘hash -r’ after the ‘pkg install’-line, but that didn’t help. Also tried splitting my flavour setup script into two separate scripts hoping that a newly started shell might know where to find gmake.

Any other ideas on how to make ‘which’ successfully find the gmake executable?


Hans Allis