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Re: [ezjail] FBSD10 ezjail + iconv problems

On 17/03/2014 19:46, Philip Jocks wrote:

Am 17.03.2014 um 19:53 schrieb Paul Macdonald <paul AT ifdnrg DOT com>:

On FBSD 10 systems upgrading any of several ports that have an iconv dependency (in jails) fails.

Any upgrade or install of any port that pulls in iconv leads to:

===>  Building package for libiconv-1.14_2
Creating package /var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/converters/libiconv/work/libiconv-1.14_2.tbz
Registering depends:.
Creating bzip'd tar ball in '/var/ports/basejail/usr/ports/converters/libiconv/work/libiconv-1.14_2.tbz'
tar: lib/libcharset.so: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: lib/libcharset.so.1: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: lib/libiconv.so: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: lib/libiconv.so.3: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
pkg_create: make_dist: tar command failed with code 256

The same upgrades/install outside the jail work ok.
is this on a box you upgraded to FreeBSD 10? I just tried to install php5-iconv which requires converters/libiconv and it built and installed without errors on a fresh FreeBSD 10 jail.
yes it was an upgrade, i'll try on a jail which was on a fresh 10 install.
(are there any steps i might have missed on the upgrade, both jail and host have a uname of 10.0)
I don't know anything particular, but you seem not to be using pkgng, is that possible? Are you using portmaster for the install?


i simplified things on a fresh jail install and did not use pkgng to see if that made a difference ( it didn't)
so thats from portmaster + origin pkg tools.


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