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Re: [ezjail] Message "Error: Create failed." during restore process and fstab.jail restored back to default one

Graham Todd wrote:
Timo Pallach wrote:

first I would like to thank you for the great tool to manage FreeBSD

What I did:
   * I have got a jail called "www". It has got a modified
"/etc/fstab.www", where I added additional entries.
   * I created an archive of this jail: # ezjail-admin archive -A -d /tmp/
   * I stopped the jail: # ezjail-admin stop www
   * I deleted the jail: # ezjail-admin delete -w www
   * I restored the jail: # ezjail-admin restore -f -d /tmp/ www
=> I always get the message "Error: Create failed." during the restore
process but everything seems to be fine!
=> The modified "/etc/fstab.www" that is included in the archive I
created is not copied back but the default "/etc/fstab.www" can be found

Is everything successfully restored and I can ignore the message "Error:
Create failed." during the restore process, or do I have do do something

The error sounds like classic Unix permissions problem :) Or perhaps a
link not being created ...

Was the /etc/fstab.www removed when you did "ezjail-admin delete -w www" ?

Yes, the "/etc/fstab.www" was deleted correctly!

Is there a possibility to turn on some verbose output?