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Re: [ezjail] Message "Error: Create failed." during restore process and fstab.jail restored back to default one

On 03/01/2010 13:47, Timo Pallach wrote:

first I would like to thank you for the great tool to manage FreeBSD jails!!!

What I did:
* I have got a jail called "www". It has got a modified "/etc/fstab.www", where I added additional entries. * I created an archive of this jail: # ezjail-admin archive -A -d /tmp/
   * I stopped the jail: # ezjail-admin stop www
   * I deleted the jail: # ezjail-admin delete -w www
   * I restored the jail: # ezjail-admin restore -f -d /tmp/ www
=> I always get the message "Error: Create failed." during the restore process but everything seems to be fine! => The modified "/etc/fstab.www" that is included in the archive I created is not copied back but the default "/etc/fstab.www" can be found again.

Is everything successfully restored and I can ignore the message "Error: Create failed." during the restore process, or do I have do do something manually?

I am adding the additional entries in my "/etc/fstab.www" everytime I restore the jail. It would be nice to have this done automatically during the restore process to save time!
Is the "/etc/fstab.www" intentionally restored back to the default one?

Thanks for you help,

Timo Pallach.
I think

ezjail-admin create -x www

would have done the job for you

The -x option indicates that an ezjail already exists at the jail root.
       In  this  case nothing is copied. ezjail only updates its config.  This
       is useful in situations where you just want to alter some of  a  jail's
       properties and called ezjail-admin delete without the -w option before.
       However, sanity checks are performed.