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Re: [ezjail] Multiple FIBs support

Andrew Hotlab wrote:
> Thank for your work. I've just checked out the latest changes, encountering
> three issues:
> The command "ezjail-admin config -f 1 ${jail_name}" returns this message:
> "Error: fib number has to be an integer.". The following change seems to
> solve the problem:

Patched and fixed in CVS.

> Even if the variable "jail_${jail_name}_fib" has been set in the jail
> configuration file,  jailed processes do not seem to be associated to
> the correct FIB (actually, I didn't found any occurrence of the setfib
> command neither in the ezjail-admin or the ezjail.sh script).
> In my previous patches I included the setfib command in both the
> scripts, and it seemed to do the job pretty well.

setfib is executed by /etc/rc.d/jail which is used by ezjail to start
the jail. I did some debugging and the jail is started via "setfib -F
'<fibnum>' jail ..." but the fib is not used. I guess I need to dig
deeper to find out whats going wrong. Seems to be okay from the ezjail-side.

> Each time I start a jail I receive the message "Error: The defined
> cpuset is malformed", even if the variable "jail_${jail_name}_cpuset"
> has no value in the jail configuration file.  I have not been able to fix
> this, because I have not ever used the cpuset feature.

Fixed in CVS.

Thanks for the feedback!