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Multiple FIBs support

Thank for your work. I've just checked out the latest changes, encountering
three issues:

The command "ezjail-admin config -f 1 ${jail_name}" returns this message:
"Error: fib number has to be an integer.". The following change seems to
solve the problem:
--- ezjail-admin        2009/12/29 11:03:31     1.1
+++ ezjail-admin        2009/12/29 11:03:48
@@ -1355,7 +1355,7 @@
   if [ "${ezjail_new_fib}" ]; then
     # if jail is still running, refuse to go any further
     [ "${ezjail_id}" ] && exerr "Error: Jail appears to be still running.\n  '${ezjail_admin} stop ${ezjail_name}' it first ."
-    [ "${ezjail_new_fib}" -ge "0" ] && exerr "Error: fib number has to be an integer."
+    [ "${ezjail_new_fib}" -ge "0" ] || exerr "Error: fib number has to be an integer."

     # write new config file, preserve comments

Even if the variable "jail_${jail_name}_fib" has been set in the jail
configuration file,  jailed processes do not seem to be associated to
the correct FIB (actually, I didn't found any occurrence of the setfib
command neither in the ezjail-admin or the ezjail.sh script).
In my previous patches I included the setfib command in both the
scripts, and it seemed to do the job pretty well.

Each time I start a jail I receive the message "Error: The defined
cpuset is malformed", even if the variable "jail_${jail_name}_cpuset"
has no value in the jail configuration file.  I have not been able to fix
this, because I have not ever used the cpuset feature.


----------------------------------------> Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:38:06 +0100
> From: cryx-freebsd AT h3q DOT com
> To: andrew.hotlab AT hotmail DOT com
> CC: bsam AT ipt DOT ru; freebsd-questions AT k-moeller DOT dk; freebsd-jail AT freebsd DOT org
> Subject: Re: ezjail.flavour
> Andrew Hotlab wrote:
>> I can't wait to test all new ezjail features from the current CVS release!
> I commited the stuff to the CVS yesterday, create a jail as normal and
> use ezjail-admin config -f   to set the fib.
> Feel free to send feedback to the ezjail-mailinglist!
> greetings,
> cryx
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