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Re: [ezjail] Proper Steps to Update Host & Jails

On 20.01.14 21:08, Jeff Hinrichs wrote:

> shutdown jails:
>     /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ezjail.sh stop

You should use the "service ezjail stop" command. I wonder why you still
have an ezjail.sh installed in the first place. Maybe you need to update
your ezjail version.

> update the host
>     sudo freebsd-update fetch
>     sudo freebsd-update install
> update the base jail
>     sudo ezjail-admin update -u
> ??(( REBOOT HOST ))??

You should only reboot the host if freebsd-update told you so before,
when you were updating the host system. ezjail itself does not require
reboot. I usually disable ezjail_enable in rc.conf after "freebsd-update
install", reboot if required and re-enable ezjail_enable.

> update the ports (host and basejail)
>     sudo ezjail-admin update -P

I just learned that ezjail-admin does not update /etc and /var during
the freebsd-update invoked. Although I do have code that can do this, it
somehow never found the way into ezjail, I guess this was because it
always caused hours of resolving merge conflicts with only the CVS-IDs
in rc.d-scripts and I never got around fixing that.

>     ezjail-admin console <jailname>   # this will start the jail

Nope, only    ezjail-admin console -f   will forcefully start the jail.
Without the f-flag it will fail on non-running jails.

However with the -e flag you can tell the console sub command, which
command to execute in the jails. This will help running the portmaster
steps in the jail.

> to make sure is in the proper place.       This is a vanilla ezjail
> machine, no ZFS

zfs jails should not make any difference.