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Re: [ezjail] Proper Steps to Update Host & Jails


approximately correct and just what I did with a four jail machine with minimal downtime (one reboot) during production. The hickup I ran into was (straight from my notes):

...portupgrades might fail with a conflict involving pkg-config, which is superceeded by

It seemed best to delete  /usr/ports/devel/pkg-config/ with

pkg_delete -f pkg-config-0.25_1

and install pkgconf by doing a

cd /usr/ports/devel/pkgconf/ && make install clean...

After that, it was only specific ports problems, in my case openJDK7, which seems to have a rather nasty case of not finding its own libjvm.so in the middle of building, but solvable with an additional

ldconfig -m <path-to-lib-dir>


On 1/20/14 10:08 AM, Jeff Hinrichs wrote:
going from 8.x -> 8.4

Would the following steps be correct?

update ports on host
     `sudo portsnap fetch update`
update basejail ports
     `sudo ezjail-admin update -P`
update all out of date ports on the host
     for each <portname> in `sudo portversion -v -L=`
         sudo portupgrade <portname>

do a complete port rebuild on host to ensure cleanliness
     `sudo portupgrade -fa`         [force all - rebuild everything]

for each <jailname> in `ezjail-admin list`:
     for each <portname> in `portversion -v -L=`
         sudo portupgrade <portname>
     rebuild all ports on jail
         sudo portupgrade -fa

Now all ports on host and jails should build cleanly


shutdown jails:
     /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ezjail.sh stop

update the host
     sudo freebsd-update fetch
     sudo freebsd-update install
update the base jail
     sudo ezjail-admin update -u

??(( REBOOT HOST ))??

update the ports (host and basejail)
     sudo ezjail-admin update -P

rebuild the ports on the host
     sudo portupgrade -fa
for each <jailname> in ezjail-admin list
     ezjail-admin console <jailname>   # this will start the jail
         sudo portupgrade -fa

When to reboot the host machine is one that I am concerned with and want
to make sure is in the proper place.       This is a vanilla ezjail
machine, no ZFS,  ezjail-admin install -mp